24 September 2013

Foodie Tuesday | What the Deuce?

Maybe you've noticed I'm posting a lot about food lately. As in, every week? On Tuesdays, maybe?

If you haven't noticed, this is awkward. Forget I asked.

Have you noticed?? I hope you have. 'Cuz I'm doing it for me but also I'm doing it for you, too. I want to share beautiful food with you that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. Why? Because I love you. But let's talk more about why I'm doing it for me.

So here's the thing: I spend most of my waking life thinking about food. Sometimes my sleeping life, too. My dreams can get pretty darned weird. But when I'm awake, I think about food ALL. THE. TIME.

It's no secret I'm a big gal. I'm cushy. Being honest here: I would rather walk on hot coals than miss a meal. It's not that I don't have any self-control. It's just that I LOVE FOOD. I love flavour, and tasting good things. The act of preparing food, and then consuming it, is vital and meditative and sensual and fun. Yes, it keeps me alive, but food is an experience and I like experiencing things.

Also, my family eats a LOT. They're not big people. In fact, my kids are rail-thin and wicked-athletic. But do you know how much the average teenage boy eats? It's incredible. And if that teenage boy is an elite athlete who spends upwards of 20 hours a week participating intense physical activity, you can easily double that intake. It's like living with a whale shark: he just opens his maw and coasts through the kitchen inhaling everything that's not nailed down. I wouldn't be surprised to find a stray boot in his stomach, or a license plate. Jaws ain't got nothin' on a teenage athlete. And keeping him fed with wholesome, home-cooked meals that meet his nutritional needs AND his flavour preferences is a full-time job in itself.

The Girl is a lighter and more "selective" eater than the rest, but that presents different challenges. If I was only making one meal per night, seven nights a week for 52 weeks a year, that would be something. But no. We didn't get that lucky. Her Highness The Girl requires options. She's likes to make her own decisions. So we have to have choices in the fridge: you can have this protein or that. This orange vegetable or that. This carb or that. As a budding athlete herself, she's starting to eat a ton. Or, a ton more than she did (but anything more than a cup of noodles and a single frozen pea is a ton. So.... she's eating a ton. Thank Gawd.) That means more food, more options. More work.

Daryn, he's easy. He'll eat anything. Except when he's watching his figure, and then he likes to make things hard. For shits and giggles. During the week he cuts out all carbs, all sugar, all caffeine. All fun. You ever tried to make a carb-free, sugar-free, low-fat yet deliciously tasty and filling dinner?? No, of course not. Because you can't. It's impossible. It doesn't exist. (Don't try to prove me wrong and tell me it does. I won't believe you.)

And then there's me: no lamb, no "weird stuff" (rabbit, squid, sweetbreads, whatever), no olives, no feta, no goat products of any kind (yes, that includes cheese), no eggplant.... I have a laundry list of things I don't like. My tastes have vastly expanded as I've grown older (more on that later), but there are still some hard lines I won't cross. They are lines drawn in creamy goat cheese and lamb's wool.

So finding recipes that make everyone happy (or mostly everyone, except for maybe Princess Fussy-Face The Girl, who eats plain chicken with plain rice and raw broccoli -- dinner of champions!) AND that everyone can eat and that serves all our nutritional needs.... Well, sometimes it feels impossible. Sometimes it's an uphill battle. But it's ALWAYS time consuming. I spend my whole life thinking about it.

When it comes to the blog, I promised I was going to write about whatever captured my attention and/or I was spending my time on. Well, guess what? I spend my time cooking. Recipe searching, menu planning and cooking. And I want to share those experiences with you all. Because like I said: I love you. And also because I assume you eat too, and everybody likes recipes (otherwise Pinterest wouldn't exist.)

Which is why I'm bringing you Foodie Tuesdays. You might hate it -- that would be a bummer, but OK. Recipes aren't for everybody. Just think about skipping Tuesdays from now on, 'cuz I'm pretty sure this is going to stick.

And you might love it. Which would be awesome!! And, kind of the whole point.

But keep in mind it's not just one-sided. If you've got recipes you'd like to share and showcase, let me know.

OMG we could do a bloggy potluck!! That would be cool. How could we make that happen? Any ideas, peeps? 

So yeah, this Foodie Tuesday thing is, indeed, a thing. If you have opinions about what you'd like to see, or try, or what you'd like me to create (given my success the first time around), I'm all ears. Hit me up with your ideas and let's run with them!

PS - Stewie Griffin has nothing at all to with this post, except that I love him. He's my spirit animal. And my favourite one-liner (that seemed appropriate... and PG enough) is the title of this post. Otherwise, he is in no way implicated or related to Recipe Tuesday.

PPS - There will be no recipe today. Just an explanation of how I'm going to recipe the crap out of you going forward (and explain the past few weeks). 

PPPS - Unless you really want one, in which case, I'll have no choice but to comply. Just say so; I've got plenty of 'em ready for you.