07 October 2013

It's All in the Details | Princess Margaret Lottery Show Home

When I first posted the photo tour of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 'Welcome Home' Sweepstakes show home, I promised to share more of the details that made the home so special.

Brian Gluckstein and his team pulled off the unimaginable in just five months time; truly, no detail was overlooked.

A horse sculpture adds interest to a foxed mirrored coffee table.

Obsessed -- O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D, I tell you -- with the gorgeous flower arrangements in every room.

A glass insert in the floor of the butler's pantry offers a peek inside the wine cellar, located directly below. I was too scared to walk on it and basically did the crab-walk around it. Very classy in a dress, let me tell you.

The custom carpet in the media room drew my attention -- and my hands! It was not only a stunning pearl-grey and white (which my photo doesn't do justice) but it felt fantastic under foot and under finger (when I ran my hands all over it like a fool.)

Tile mosaic floor of the master bath. Simple, elegant and gorgeous.

This orchid was the centrepiece of the long hall table in the second floor gallery. So pretty and striking.

It's the chalkboard application on this white canister, which lives in the laundry room. I admire small touches that make every day, glamour-less tasks a little more special, and this is a great example.

The sparkle and shine of the wet bar back splash, along with the polished accessories, really brought light and glamour to the basement level. I can't imagine those tiles would be easy to clean but in a light-wearing area like this mini-kitchen, they're just perfect. Not hard-working, but dead sexy.

My favourite vignette shot of the formal living room. The colour combination is to die for; I'm a sucker for grey, cream and yellow every time.

I have more (yes, more!) shots of the lighting in the house, with which I was totally and completely enamored. They're so pretty they totally deserve their own post, which is exactly what I'm going to give them! Tune in Thanksgiving week for a dedicated tour.

And if you haven't got yours yet, click here to purchase your ticket (or two!). Good luck!!