23 January 2014

2014 Task List (or, "what will make me crazy this year")

I've made no secret of the fact that while there is much I love about the new Money Pit, there are elements I find dissatisfying in equal numbers.

Or, maybe not dissatisfying. Possibly that's the wrong word. Maybe instead: on my wish list to change. Room for improvement. Crying out for my personal stamp.

I'm a "list" kind of gal. I like things neat and tidy, and I especially like things organized in an orderly, logical, and preferably numerical, fashion. There's also an incredible sense of accomplishment (and a wee bit of smug satisfaction) in crossing tasks off a list. In saying "Yeah. I did that. Because I'm just that awesome."

You know what else is awesome? This cat.

So herewith is my official Money Pit task list for 2014. I'm sharing it with you because, 1) it's Money Pit related and therefore obviously of great interest to friends of the Money Pit (ha!); 2) I honestly believe that publicly declaring my intentions is the best way to "inspire" action (as in: shame and fear of judgement are excellent motivators); and 3) this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Oh, and 4) I like lists.

Are you comfortably seated? Relaxed? Maybe a cup of tea in hand? 'Cuz this is going to be a long'un.

Brace yourself.

  1. Install new counter tops
  2. Install new sink
  3. Install new faucet (sidebar: these will all be completed at the same time, but I feel really good about myself, the more I can cross off a list)
  4. Install pendant lighting over the island
  5. Paint walls (white)
  6. Hang artwork (I have the perfect piece that I can't wait to get on the wall: shout out to my friend Lindsay of Little House Blog/Penny Paper Co. for being awesome and creating these fab prints!)
Living Room
  1. Finish painting the other three walls white, and apply the second coat to the fourth
  2. Affix the mirror to the wall above the fireplace
  3. Adjust the centrepiece painting to eye level (right now, it's floating near the ceiling on a hook installed by the former owners, who apparently were 8 feet tall)
  4. Find the perfect (perfect!) coffee table(s)
  5. Spray paint floor lamps (which are currently stainless steel or aluminium or some other silver metal material) matte black
  6. In a perfect world, new sofas
Media Room
  1. Build alcove libraries
  2. Repaint with the same colour, but NOT in flat paint (Worst. Idea. Ever.)
  3. Include the baseboards in the painting spree
  4. Hang artwork
  5. Bind rugs together
  6. Install new light fixture
Dining Room
  1. New dining room chairs (our current ones are totes uncomfortable)
  2. Curtains
  3. Paint the whole shebang white
  4. Finally capitalize on the free rug I won from Flor, and create a custom dining room carpet
  5. Find an awesome sideboard (or a pair) for storage
Powder Room
  1. Wallpaper
  2. Replace tap with a more modern (maybe brass?) model
  3. Update light fixture
  4. Frame mirror
  1. Paint that bad boy white! ALL WHITE!!
  2. Figure out what the frack to do with the weird front door alcove. Maybe a custom storage unit? We'll see.
  3. Hang artwork
  4. Organize front closet
  1. Paint (again, white)
  2. Buy a desk
  3. Paint the sideboard/hutch in a fab new colour
  4. Build bookshelves
  5. Create storage for my out of control magazine collection
  6. Find and install new light fixtures
  7. Hang artwork, including my favourite kilim
Master Bedroom
  1. Install new light fixture
  2. Hang artwork
  3. Purchase (and reupholster as required) a bench for the length of the foot of our bed
  4. Reorganize the closet - it's not functioning the way I want it to
The Girl's Room
  1. Paint (can you guess?) white
  2. Frame cork board
  3. Paint 2nd cork board with chalkboard paint, and also frame
  4. Edit her wardrobe
  5. Spray paint chandelier
  6. Install light fixture
The Boy's Room
  1. Reupholster arm chair
  2. Purchase - or build - a desk
  3. Hang his collection of medals
  4. Finish painting (inside his closet)
  5. Spray paint chandelier
  6. Install light fixture
The Basement
  1. Hire a designer to create a floor/renovation plan
  2. Forge some awesome partnerships with some awesome companies and start pulling this renovation together!
  1. Edit and organize the garage
  2. Update the porch light with something a little more fashionable
  3. Centre the house numbers on the front of the garage
  4. Paint the porch, railings, front door and garage door
  5. "Landscape" (which really means: rip up the lame bushes we currently have, and replace with ones we don't need to groom, water or otherwise care about)
  6. Plant a couple of trees in the back yard
  7. Have the gas guys come to hook up our barbecue
  8. Plant a porch garden and grow my own veggies and herbs
You know, I'm reviewing this list before I hit 'publish' and I'm laughing at myself: this is ridiculous. Seriously, it's already the end of January and I haven't done ANYTHING yet. Ha! This ought to be interesting.

See the ball, be the ball, right?

Your job is to keep me honest. Kick my ass. Ask me every now and again how the list is coming along. Maybe not-so-subtly imply that we'll have to break up as friends if I don't complete at least 50% of it. Be supportive, but in a judgy, sort of threatening way. I work best under pressure (unless I crumble under it, which is roughly half the time.)

Most of all, keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm going to need all the good vibes I can get.