17 January 2014

"What Not to Wear" featuring My Kitchen

When we first toured the new Money Pit during an open house one weekend last summer, I was what can only be described as "underwhelmed" by the kitchen. Until that point, in nearly every one of the 56 houses we toured, the kitchens at our price point offered some fairly standard features across the board: upgraded cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and granite counters. And while I'm actually not a fan of granite, I had come to expect it.

But the kitchen in this house was a huge disappointment: meh-coloured cabinetry; ugly yellow/beige floor tiles; a back splash of decent tiles that was inexpertly (read: shoddily) installed; low grade sink; cheap-o faucet. And possibly the worst aspect of the whole thing: crappy laminate counter tops (adding insult to injury, the awful laminate is an even worse colour: yellowy-brown. Think "rotting banana" and you've pretty much got it.)

The overall effect looks like this:

View from the foyer / dining room
View from the living room

Ugh. Far from lovely. And a real barrier to my loving the house.

I caved, obviously, and we purchased it anyway, despite my objections. The rest of the house was too good - and too well suited to our needs - to pass up on account of counter top material. Apparently.

Immediately after moving in we considered replacing the whole kit and caboodle, but there were other more pressing tasks to take care of and no funds with which to purchase the solid surface counters I was ideally looking for. So we put it off, and I made temporary peace with the whole "ugly kitchen" situation. It's big and roomy and well-suited to cooking, which had to be good enough.

Then two weeks ago I spotted a new counter top design at Home Depot that got the whole ball rolling again. We reopened discussions about the merit of replacing the ugly laminate with nicer laminate - an interim solution until we can afford quartz - which snowballed into a new counter/new sink/new faucet extravaganza!

I won't ruin the whole surprise by sharing everything today; I'll save our counter top selection until the big reveal. But once we settled on the colour and pattern for the counters, there were decisions to be made. Such as: do we get a new sink, or re-install the old? And what of the faucet that all of us, collectively, can't stand? Replace that too?

The answer was a resounding yes, and last weekend we narrowed down our contenders.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

So if you were me, which would you choose? Opinions are welcome!