24 January 2014

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Last week I asked you guys to take a look at four sink and four faucet options we were considering for our kitchen makeover project, and give us your opinion.

We were choosing from these...

and these...

And you did! Thanks, everyone, for contributing your two cents. We took your opinions took heart and it really helped us narrow the field to our final choices.

So which did we settle on? Are you dying to know? (I know you're dying to know.)

The sink - Ikea's Bredsk√§r model - was an easy choice. It's quite a looker, wouldn't you agree? And a perfect compromise between my affinity for sleek, modern angular lines and my mum's preference for a more traditional profile + easy cleaning.

The offset bowl sizes may present a challenge and will definitely take some getting used to; we currently use our second (equally sized bowl) to drip dry our hand-washed dishes. (I have absolute faith that if the Universe intended for me to dry dishes, I would have been born with towels for hands.) With a half bowl rather than a full one, this will have to stop.

OR, I'll need to slip a counter top drying rack past security my mum, and clean out a spot under the sink to hide it when not in use. We'll see. <steepled fingers> Oh, we'll see....

The faucet is a more controversial selection. I think exactly.... oh, that's right: NONE of you voted for it. The general consensus seemed to be: April, please, anything but that one.

Poor little Banbury. Nobody loves you!

OK, I hear you. And aesthetically, I'll grant you it falls a little short in comparison to the others. But I love the matte black colour (no finger prints!) and it's height is perfect. You see, our kitchen window is outfitted with California blinds that swing open from the centre, which gives us only 101/4 inches of clearance. No.3, it turned out, was just slightly too tall to work (sad face), and I felt that no.4 was just too thick and broad at the spout for my taste. So it came down to options 1 and 2, and the first edged out the second only by the slimmest of margins. It was the black rubber hosing on no.2 that tipped the scales: we decided that despite its awesomess, the industrial look would be too much out of place in our mostly traditional kitchen.

Ergo, faucet #1 it is! But without the deck plate. That's just not cool.

We're happy with our selections, and thanks again for weighing in. I love your opinions! And I love that you'd take a moment of your (very busy) day to leave me a message or a comment or a tweet. It's appreciated.

Sending you all great big internet hugs!