01 February 2014

House Stalking | Lea Michele

What happens when a cutting edge stylist from a trendy shelter e-zine teams up with an up-and-coming Hollywood star, to give her home a glamorous makeover?

Such was the question when Estee Stanley, interior designer and editor-at-large of Domaine, convinced friend Lea Michele (everyone's favourite Gleek, apparently) to allow her to remodel several rooms in her 1920's West Hollywood bungalow for a Quick Change feature for the popular online magazine.

The result? Pure magic. Pure, unadulterated, gorgeous, envy-inspiring magic.

What I love best about Lea's home is the sense of scale. Unlike most celebrity homes that are chock full of a gazillion (wasted) square feet and over-the-top (wasteful) opulence just because they can be, this 2-bedroom, 1,805 square foot house is small and perfectly formed. It's beautiful and rich in its own right, without beating you around the face with "I'm rich! I'm riiiiiiiich!" like some others I can think of (I'm looking at you, Oprah.)

Though this may not be Lea's full-time d├ęcor, if I were her it definitely would be. Check out the full house tour here.

Even better? Skip to the very bottom of the article for the Shop the Look: a listing of products and suppliers that'll help you recreate her super-glam look in your own bungalow.