09 April 2014

Home Depot Spring 2014 Preview | Coming Up Roses! (and Petunias, and Rosemary)

So way, way back, before we jetted off to Arizona and before the One of a Kind Show rolled into town, and before I got all caught up in life outside the blog (is there such a thing??), I was very kindly invited to - and was super-chuffed to attend - the Home Depot Spring 2014 Preview.

First, a word about the Depot: contractor central, mecca of DIYers, our weekend home-away-from-home. Over the years I've built some very important relationships with my friends in orange smocks. They've helped me select sinks, paint colours, appliances, tile, lighting and countertop materials- just about every home-related fixture and/or accoutrement you can think of, really. We're homeowners, so naturally hardly a weekend goes by that we're not popping into the Depot for something or other and dropping $100 or two. This past weekend, for example? Lighting for our office makeover - photos coming soon!

Anyhoodle, given our intense, ongoing relationship with the guys and gals in orange, you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to the 2014 spring preview. (Like, SUPER excited, if you're not very imaginative.) And then, of course, I promptly left town for a week, and have been running full tilt since we got back. But enough of this nonsense! Now that the awful, horrible winter weather has finally broken and spring is here, Home Depot has a metric ton of fabooshness that you NEED if your summer is going to be any kind of summer at all.

Doesn't this look like fun? Hint: It was.

My faves:

The Highland Collection = totes lovely. This collection is probably my favourite of all. The dark weave lends itself to a masculine, solid appearance: each piece looks like it can really hold you, you know? Some patio furniture looks rickety, like it'll collapse underneath you the moment you park your butt in it. Not this suite. Solidly constructed, solid-looking, yet quite feminine and graceful thanks to the curving lines and deep, plush pillows.

Want to know what comfort looks like in the Highlands? The lovely, incomparable Virginie Martoqc, Home Depot affiliate, spokeswoman and enthusiast, demonstrates below.

Yeah. It's that comfy.

My next fave:

The Hampton Bay Blue Hill resin wicker "chat" set. At home in a contemporary or traditional setting, on a condo balcony or a cottage dock, Blue Hill is a decorative workhorse. It works in tight settings, too: the footstool tucks right underneath the chair, to save on floor space. Also terrific? The striped outdoor carpet (visible beneath the chair.) Nice enough to work inside as well as out (just sayin').

I'd love to put a pair of these on our small patio off the kitchen. It catches the morning sunlight and would be a lovely spot for Daryn and I to enjoy weekend tea. A girl can dream...

Let's not forget the barbecues... OH! the barbecues. The Cadillac of grillers is the Brinkmann 5-Burner Gas Grill, pictured above. Comes with its own smoker... a smoker, people. That's the good stuff, right there.

That's not the only BBQ on the market, though. There's a perfect match for every grill-master out there; visit your local HD for more options.

Like this one, maybe? Good choice.

Random side note: I was obsessed with this girl's dress for, like, the WHOLE morning. Seriously, obsessed with it, and like a weirdo I skulked around all morning, admiring it. If this is your dress and you happen to be reading this post, a) I'm not a stalker, I'm just a horrible combination of enthusiastic and shy, and b) hit me up in the comments section to let me know where you got it! I totally love it.

What makes spring really feel like spring, though, are the flowers. Can we agree on that? Let's agree. I've got big plans for the aforementioned little patio, and they include a boatload of these pretty babies:

We're making a point to eat a little more "cleanly" these days, and I love the idea of a potted herb garden on the deck that I can snip from whenever needed. We used to have a huge garden in the old house, and I miss it. It's great for fragrance, too. Lemon basil has the most delicious perfume, and I love fresh rosemary and mint. A collection of bright pots with flowers and greenery will go a long way to making our poor, bare little deck a much more homey place to hang out.

To cap off a wonderful morning, HD created a take-away box for each of us.

Cute, no?

Inside were several pieces of copper piping, two taper candles and some crazy glue. Can you guess what we were supposed to create? Hint: it's this:

How cool is THAT? I completely love it.

I was hoping to get my craft on with the other bloggers, but turns out it was a take-home gift. So that's cool. Mine has been painted and is currently drying in the garage- yay! I'll share a snapshot once it's ready and installed on the mantel. Because that's where it's going, folks. Front-and-centre on the fireplace. It's just that cool.

Thank you to all the good folks at the Home Depot for hosting such a fab and fun preview event, and to Candace Beres of Environics Communications for being so lovely. I can't wait for the fall and winter lines to come out!